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Mary Ann and Barry Ridenour

Learning Coach Mary Ann with her family

Eight years ago, Mary Ann and Barry Ridenour realized their two children just weren’t excited about returning to their private school. Both Aaron and Anna Marie complained that they were bored, wasted tons of time at school and on the bus, and then had so much homework that it left little time for their favorite extracurricular activities. So, after researching homeschooling curricula and virtual school options, the Ridenours transferred to Ohio Connections Academy (OCA).

Not only did both students thrive at OCA, but they both also graduated as valedictorians of their individual classes. Aaron graduated and attends the University of Cincinnati, planning eventually to become a pharmacist. Anna Marie graduated, and her dream job is to one day teach high school math at OCA. They participated actively in the Student Leadership Club and Debate Club and helped other students as part of OCA’s peer tutoring program. The academically talented pair says they’d been able to take plenty of AP classes while enjoying a full social and family life—thanks to a curriculum that adjusted to their personal styles and strengths.

It’s been a blessing for us. It’s given our family more quality time and given our kids the best education we could offer them. And it’s been virtually no cost to us. It’s been a true blessing. As long as you’re committed and want the best for your family, you’d be foolish not to at least try it.
— Mary Ann and Barry
Connections Academy Parent

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