Cicely smiling


8th Grade Student

Cicely is a strong student and a highly motivated person, both in school and out. She’s also a rarity—a student who transferred to Ohio Connections Academy, returned to her brick-and-mortar school, then switched back to Ohio Connections Academy. As much as anyone, Cicely and her parents understand the differences between the two educational experiences. 

Making the Switch

Cicely has always been a high-performing student. By fifth grade, her parents knew she needed a more rigorous academic experience than her traditional school could offer. She transferred to Ohio Connections Academy, mid-year, and immediately enrolled in “gifted and talented” courses. She started learning a new foreign language. At Connections Academy, Cecily was able to keep herself challenged and motivated, exactly as her parents had hoped. 

Then Cicely’s priorities evolved. While academics were still important to her, so too were social opportunities. She decided to return to her local middle school, where she participated in golf, cheerleading, and band. She was also elected to the student council and named a finalist in a national essay contest. Outside of school, Cicely was just as motivated. She played tennis, joined a competitive dance team, took violin and piano lessons, and served as a member of 4-H and Girl Scouts.

Cicely was thriving, but her parents were becoming increasingly concerned about her schedule. She often wouldn’t get home from games or rehearsals until after 10 p.m.—and only then begin her schoolwork. They knew that type of schedule would eventually be too much for her.

Making the Switch, Again

The family realized that Cicely wouldn’t be able to pursue her many academic goals and extracurricular interests within the traditional school schedule. She needed the flexibility to work at her own pace and define her own schedule, including breaks, which is something she was able to do at Ohio Connections Academy. 

Cicely came back for eighth grade without missing a beat. She’s taking honors courses, has joined the Math Club, and still participates in many activities outside of school. She was even elected as middle school student council president. “I really like Ohio Connections Academy,” she says, “and wanted to be involved in the school and to make a difference.”  

I really like Ohio Connections Academy and wanted to be involved in the school and to make a difference.

— Cecily

Cecily plans to switch schools only one more time—when she moves on to college! 

Cicely performing a dance