Image of Nour


High School Student

Nour is in the ninth grade at Ohio Connections Academy. She came to the online school in 2017 as her mother, Suzan, wanted her to be in an academic setting that offers a structured program and a guided approach to learning. Suzan shares more below.

Why I Chose Ohio Connections Academy

I had previously homeschooled my children because I believe in shaping my childrens’ characters in a safe environment. My main challenge during Nour’s transition to the virtual classroom was understanding the lesson plan structure and arranging her daily schedule accordingly. I have really come to like the flexible hours, the teacher support, reliable sources in the message boards, and the LiveLesson® sessions.

My Online School Experience

I would describe Ohio Connections Academy as an online school that helps students learn with friends and teachers that support them along their journey. It has resources that students can rely on for schoolwork. Flexible hours allow us to perform other activities while still being able to catch up or move ahead.

In recognition of Nour’s hard work and positive attitude towards learning, her social studies teacher, Mrs. Shebak, nominated her to be one of Ohio Connections Academy’s Star Students of the month for January.

Nour is an excellent and dedicated sixth-grade student. She goes above and beyond to ensure she is completing her work to the best of her ability,” Mrs. Shebak said. “She engages in conversations with her class and often volunteers to complete activities and share information on the microphone. She is very positive and kind to her classmates, and appreciates feedback from her teachers

— Mrs. Shebak