Brinley smiling

Brinley P

6th Grade Student

Brinley is a “remarkable student,” says her math teacher. Five years ago, however, she was struggling at a traditional brick-and-mortar school. This bright, enthusiastic student wasn’t getting the support or one-on-one attention she needed. Then, her family found Ohio Connections Academy.

A Better Fit

Like many students, Brinley didn’t fully understand the limitations of the traditional learning environment until she started at Ohio Connections Academy. She no longer deals with “the distractions [of] a public-school classroom.” She can work at a pace that fits her individual learning needs “in the comfort of [her] own home.” 

Now fully immersed in the online school experience, Brinley is thriving. “She is a great student,” says her math teacher. “Brinley has gone above and beyond,” reports her science teacher, “and always does all the extra credit.”

Brinley credits the strong relationship she has with her teachers and counselors. “Each one has provided me with the skills and resources I need to succeed,” she explains, “while having fun.”

“A Shining Light of Enthusiasm”

Several of Brinley’s teachers have noted her hard work and passion for learning. She is an active and engaged participant in her classes. “Brinley is a shining light of enthusiasm, kindness, and accountability,” says her science teacher, Mrs. Walls. “She always volunteers to read, participates in our discussions, and even dances with me on video!” 

Her math teacher, Mrs. Branch, is similarly effusive. “She stays on topic and is kind to her classmates,” says Mrs. Branch. “She takes her time on lessons and assessments and reaches out when needed.” 

Brinley is not only a strong student, but a disciplined one. She makes sure to complete her schoolwork on time—or ahead of schedule—so she can enjoy her many activities outside of school. She is involved in Girl Scouts, enjoys horseback riding, and takes regular hikes with her mother.  

Each [teacher] has provided me with the skills and resources I need to succeed while having fun.

— Brinley