Izaha smiling


Elementary School Student

Izaha Dugger is in first grade at our school. According to his teacher, “Izaha exemplifies Ohio Connections Academy’s values. He is respectful, responsible, and engaged.”   

The Joy of Picking the Right School

Izaha’s family wanted him to join Ohio Connections Academy so he could learn at his own pace in an environment where he could take breaks if necessary. Izaha says he enjoys attending our online school because “the teachers are nice,” and he likes seeing his friends during their on-camera LiveLesson® sessions.

Reports Izaha, “I love Ohio Connections Academy because the teachers help me learn and they love my jokes after class is over. I appreciate how the teachers will always ask everyone if they have something they would like to share or have any questions.”  

In recognition of Izaha’s hard work and outstanding attitude toward school and his classmates, his teacher nominated him for this spotlight saying, “Izaha loves to share how he feels about his classmates. This helps create a wonderful feeling of warmth in my classroom. I appreciate Izaha always trying his best. He offers friendship to his classmates.”  

All my schoolwork comes first, then I like to play.

— Izaha