Dylan smiling


5th Grade Student

Dylan wasn’t struggling at his old brick-and-mortar school, but he wasn’t thriving either. Like many families, Dylan’s parents never really considered that there were public school alternatives that might be a better fit for their student. And, they certainly never thought about switching to an online school—until the pandemic.  

What Started as a Necessity…

Dylan’s mother Melinda was concerned about the coronavirus. She also was concerned that his traditional school wasn’t adapting well to the sudden need for virtual learning. Melinda researched a number of options before transferring her son to Ohio Connections Academy.

Two years later, Dylan is thriving. 

As his Learning Coach, Melinda is more involved than ever in her son’s education. She sees first-hand how much support the teachers provide Dylan, and what a difference that support has made. “Someone has always been available when we have needed help,” she says. Dylan “has succeeded in school because of this.”

The Benefits of Flexible Learning

Dylan’s previous school offered almost no flexibility, in either its approach to learning or in the class schedule. “You have your set hours that you are there,” Melinda explains, “with no wiggle room.”  

Ohio Connections Academy is entirely different. “We love the flexibility,” says Melinda. “We can do school around our schedule, be able to travel, and still stay on top of the schoolwork.” 

Dylan is now able to fit in more extracurricular activities. He participates in 4-H and has started volunteering at church, helping out in the preschool classroom. Way to give back, Dylan! 

Someone has always been available when we have needed help.

—Melinda, Dylan's Learning Coach