Image of Daniel


High School Student

Daniel has been attending Ohio Connections Academy since kindergarten. Currently a senior, he believes he is better prepared for the future because of the school’s individualized approach that meets each student where they are academically.

According to Daniel

“Over the years, Ohio Connections Academy has put a lot of emphasis on connecting each student with their teacher. This way the teacher can tailor the curriculum, their support, and the entire learning experience to the individual student’s needs. 

In an online classroom, I have the time to fully digest the content and spend as much or as little time as I want or need. In order to connect with other students, the initiative is on the student to find ways to work with or engage with other students.” 

This is one reason Daniel became a member of Ohio Connections Academy’s student council, the student advisory board, and the committee for student mental health and productivity.

Preparing for the Future

Daniel believes that the self-discipline and time-management skills he has learned at Ohio Connections Academy have prepared him well for college and beyond. While he has not yet made any definitive plans for what follows high school, he thinks he might study business at a four-year college.

As I make the transition to college, I am certain that Ohio Connections Academy has given me an advantage.

— Daniel