Image of Pyper


Middle School Student

Pyper is in seventh grade at Ohio Connections Academy. She started attending because the transition from her brick-and-mortar elementary school to middle school was difficult, especially during the pandemic.

Pyper’s Online School Experience

Although she liked her teachers, she needed a learning environment where she could maintain her focus without the many distractions in her brick-and-mortar classroom. According to Pyper, she grew frustrated with the constant interruptions at her previous school due to inappropriate behavior, as well as the bullying and kids mistreating each other. 

Pyper and her mother decided a switch was needed and found Ohio Connections Academy. Although they were nervous and uncertain how things might work out, they decided to “wing it,” as Pyper put it, and see how it would go. “We were both relieved once we had the in-person orientation.”

Pyper said she appreciates the flexibility to work at her own pace and enjoys most of her classes. “I love history and learning about the past. I also like language arts and reading since I like to read and write—but I have sloppy handwriting. I wish I liked math, but I just don’t.” 

Becoming a Published Writer

Although Pyper never thought she would become a writer, she found herself reading a lot of books during the pandemic, which helped her pass the time when everyone was in quarantine. 

Because of her love of writing, Pyper decided to author a book of her own. Her first book, The Side of Our House, is a suspense thriller about a quiet, peaceful neighborhood turned upside down by an unimaginable event. 

Pyper with her book "The Side of Our House"

I like how nice my teachers are and how helpful everyone is. I don’t feel like I’m just left to figure stuff out for myself.

— Pyper