The Bennett sisters

The Bennett Family

Students: Angel, Amber, Anita, and Ashley
Learning Coach: Angelita

When Angel Bennett transferred from her previous online school, Ohio Connections Academy was happy to welcome such an exceptional student. When her sister Amber switched to the school, our community was even more thrilled. Then Anita enrolled. Finally, the fourth – and youngest – Ashley enrolled. Ohio Connections Academy is incredibly thankful that this remarkable family is part of our family.

Angel headshot


Graduate Student

Due to circumstances beyond her control, Angel arrived at Ohio Connections Academy in the middle of the academic year. Angel’s mother, Angelita, recognized that the experience could’ve been “stressful and frustrating,” but that everyone at the school made the transition easy. “All of the teachers [were] always accessible,” she said. They worked with the family to make sure Angel and her sisters settled in smoothly.

As a highly motivated student, what Angel appreciated most was the school’s incredible educational opportunities. The curricular flexibility at Connections Academy enabled her to take additional, more challenging courses. In fact, she was only in seventh grade when she started attending classes at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C).

By the time Angel graduated from Ohio Connections Academy in 2020, she had already earned two associate degrees (with honors!) in applied science and applied arts. She is currently a student at Ursuline College in Cleveland.

Amber holding her diploma

I’ve been taking college summer courses since seventh grade. . . . It really took a lot of focus and passion.

— Amber

Juggling Four Students' Success with Joy

Angelita, mother and Learning Coach to all four students, says, "Ohio Connections Academy [has] given each of my daughters a great foundation to have a successful future."

Being a Learning Coach for children enrolled in kindergarten through the 12th grade, I can assure you all that you will have all the support you need from the staff at Connections Academy.

— Angelita, Learning Coach