Image of Alexis


Middle School Student

Alexis is in the sixth grade at Ohio Connections Academy. She enrolled in the online school this year after previously attending a local private school where she was in a traditional classroom. She made the change due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic and found Ohio Connections Academy after researching different options. Alexis shares more below.

Why I Chose Ohio Connections Academy

I like Ohio Connections Academy because I don’t have distractions from other students and, other than the mandatory LiveLesson® sessions, the schedule is completely flexible and I can progress at my own pace.

My Online School Experience

Outside of school, I enjoy playing sports and participating in 4-H. I was lucky enough to have my science teacher, Ms. McDonald, nominate me to be one of Ohio Connections Academy’s Star Students of the month for December.

Alexis is excellent with communicating her needs to teachers. She is a wonderful example of a student who uses her resources and then asks for more if those are still not answering her questions,” Ms. McDonald said. “She is challenging herself with gifted and talented courses and attends every LiveLesson® session. She is able to keep up with her courses and the lessons, and manages to still have some free time.

— Ms. McDonald