Image of Zachary

Zachary Baker

High School Student

Zachary Baker is a high school student at Ohio Connections Academy. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his parents. His three older siblings also attended Ohio Connections Academy and are graduates. The interactive, real-time lessons have made school more enjoyable for Zachary. He shares his story below.

"My favorite teacher is Ms. Haught, because I love her LiveLesson® sessions. She plays music for us all the time at the beginning and end of our lessons too. We also get a weekly newsletter that is fun to read.

I like the field trips. The one to Hocking Hills was the best! It was a lot of fun and very pretty there!

What I like best about Ohio Connections Academy is how my lessons are set up each day for me to do. It makes it easy for me to follow.

— Zachary

My favorite subject in school is science. Outside of school, my favorite sport is basketball! I have played now for three years and can’t wait to play again next season!"

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