Image of Andrew


Middle School Student

Andrew is in the eighth grade at Ohio Connections Academy. He came to the public online school this year because he wasn’t able to thrive in the traditional classroom. His parents, Rachel and Dewayne, wanted to try an online program, believing he would receive help from the teachers when he needed it. Rachel shares more below.

Why I Chose Ohio Connections Academy

One of the best differences with Ohio Connections Academy is the one-on-one personal attention and help he receives from all his teachers and the school staff. Andrew had no interest in participating in classes or activities at the traditional school, but the attention and support he is receiving at Ohio Connections Academy has broken him out of the shell. Ohio Connections Academy has helped build Andrew’s confidence and self-esteem, which motivates him to work hard and do his best, something that never happened at his previous school.

My Online School Experience

The online program and lessons are set up in a way where the kids enjoy learning, stay engaged in the material, and offers regular assessments to help ensure the kids understand the concepts they’ve studied.

Ohio Connections Academy has been such a positive impact and change in our student’s outlook on school. They are no longer shy hiding in the background just making it through until the end of the day. Instead, they are excited about school, they enjoy participating in their LiveLesson® sessions, and they look forward to socializing with their peers.

Andrew’s language arts teacher, Mrs. Pauken, nominated him to be one of Ohio Connections Academy’s Star Students of the month in recognition of his hard work and positive attitude in class.

This is Andy’s first year at Ohio Connections Academy. He is always respectful and always participating and engaged in what we are doing, whether it’s responding in the chat pod or using his microphone and camera,” Mrs. Pauken said. “Not only does the online environment fit him and his learning style, but he can tell the teachers truly care and are sincerely interested in him and his education. As a student who thrives off that sort of affirmation, Andy has been more interested and motivated to do well.

— Andrew