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Mindy Brems

OCA parent Mindy

Mindy Brems lives in Coshocton, Ohio where she was a Learning Coach for her three children. Eleanor, John, and Emma are all graduates of Ohio Connections Academy (OCA). Mindy appreciates how switching from a traditional school to OCA enabled all of her kids to move from academic boredom to academic excellence, thanks to OCA’s rigorous, personalized education. Mindy shares her story below:

"Imagine, if you will, three children, all well-behaved but frustrated with school. They are doing well, but they are not challenged academically. They must wait for other students to behave or to follow directions. In their bricks-and-mortar school, they wait to move ahead in their courses so that others may catch up, and they spend a great deal of time preparing for standardized tests.

Now imagine these three children two years later, happy with school and excelling with a rigorous, up-to-date curriculum. The difference was Ohio Connections Academy! They participated in hands-on activities in math and science and learned how to effectively express themselves in writing. They used technology every day in a way that was meaningful and innovative, and they have became proficient users of software programs like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They enjoyed frequent field trips to interesting sites all over Ohio and made many new friends.

As the mother of these three children, I am thrilled with the turnaround and am excited about the way OCA personalized my children’s education according to their individual needs. All had access to Gifted and Talented classes, which were very different from the enrichment they were getting in our local schools.

All were also been able to work in the style that best suited them. My oldest liked routine so she completed her classes in the same order each day. My middle child enjoyed the freedom to make changes based on her interests each day, and my youngest liked to have direction from me, the Learning Coach, throughout the day. They enjoyed the personal connection they had with their OCA teachers, who could be contacted by telephone, WebMail message, or online LiveLesson® sessions. I am very impressed with the high level of knowledge and professionalism displayed by the OCA staff."

I am thrilled with the turnaround and the way OCA personalized my children’s education according to their individual needs. I am very happy to have found OCA and to have participated in my children’s education! It is a truly outstanding school, filled with opportunity!
— Mindy

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