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Mary Cieplowski

OCA parent Mary with her son at graduation

Learning Coach Mary Cieplowski loves the learning style of Ohio Connections Academy (OCA), and the amount of flexibility it offered all of her children. Mary shares the family’s story below:

“I am a mother to three wonderful and talented children who have all graduated from OCA. We started out solely homeschooling our children using various curricula. As the children progressed through their education, I wanted to make sure they were given a solid grounding, especially in mathematics. I was a bit nervous teaching higher math concepts, so I turned to charter schools to guide my children. We had tried several charter schools before coming to Ohio Connections Academy, but we did not see the passion for learning in our kids. Our oldest child was so discouraged that he was seriously thinking of dropping out of high school and just taking the GED exam. Once he was enrolled in Ohio Connections Academy, however, I quickly noticed how well OCA’s learning style fit our family, and I saw the love of learning return once again for my son.

I first discovered Ohio Connections Academy from a local library’s schedule of events. There was an informational meeting at a local branch, and I decided to attend to find out a bit more about the school. At this meeting, I met other families who were already in OCA and was greatly encouraged. I stayed after the original presentation to ask more questions, especially about how the teachers could get my son back on track. I spoke with the school outreach manager, Angela Dobbins, and she put us in contact with several teachers. One personally phoned us and spoke to my son. She told us about another opportunity for him to meet with a couple of other teachers and see what the program was like. My son was greatly encouraged by the teachers he met that day, and he stayed in high school and graduated. Since then, my other two children have also graduated from OCA.

Quite a few things attracted me to OCA! The quality curriculum and state-certified teachers who really care about my students’ success—just to name two. OCA teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to encourage my students! Furthermore, the learning management system (Connexus®) is extremely user-friendly. I was able to stay up-to-date with the progress of each child and call up each assignment and grade attained.”

If you are looking for a great school with great teachers and great opportunities for your students, OCA is the place to be!
— Mary