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Elias and Tami Chapa

The Chapa family

Elias and Tami Chapa are the parents of Kyle and Alyssa. Kyle is a high school student and Alyssa is a recent graduate of Ohio Connections Academy (OCA). Elias and Tami enrolled their students in OCA after researching schooling options from home. They appreciate OCA’s structured curriculum, the support of talented teachers, and the ability for their children to explore different electives. Elias shares their story below.

“The flexibility to do the work around our busy schedule is one aspect that works particularly well for our family. Not only are we able to work ahead on subjects that come easily to our children, but we are also able to spend more time on subjects or concepts that are a bit complex in nature. Both Alyssa and Kyle are able to carry over the knowledge that they learn at OCA into real world situations. This shows us that they really understand their course concepts. We usually connect with teachers through WebMail. With LiveLesson® sessions and our children’s school work, it is very simple to generate a WebMail to the teachers. Most teachers are good about getting back to us within a few days.

While attending OCA, Alyssa’s favorite subject was anything art related such as digital photography or digital arts. She and her peers worked together in LiveLesson with the teacher to learn the different aspects of the type of program being used for that particular course. Kyle’s favorite subject is definitely History. He really enjoys learning about different cultures and soaks up every historical theory within each lesson. We believe that the portfolios that the teachers develop are in depth and allow our son to explore the nuances of history that he is interested in.

Like most teenagers, Alyssa and Kyle are interested in video games and anything related to social media. Our daughter enjoys technology, writing, and most things artistically related. She always kept up with her studies. Staying on top of things allowed her to explore her many interests. Our son takes pleasure in golfing. He enjoys the aspect of working ahead on lessons. By doing this, he knows that if a nice day is in the forecast, he will be able to head to the golf course.

Both Alyssa and Kyle are interested in informational technology. OCA allows them to explore different aspects of computers from basic programming to game design.”

OCA gives us the flexibility to complete schoolwork based on the needs of our children. The curriculum allows for exploration of interests within a structured setting and proven curriculum.
— Elias