Connections Academy vs. Other Online Schools

Connections Academy student working with her two learning partners.

1. Connections Academy Has No Tuition

The Connections Academy cost is hard to beat: it’s tuition-free! Each Connections Academy-supported school is approved to operate in its state and is considered part of that state’s public school system.    

An online teacher helping his students.

3. Connections Academy Meets High Standards

Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education, which is accredited by Cognia, a global leader in educational accreditation and certification. Additionally, many of the Connections Academy-supported schools are accredited by one or more of six regional accrediting organizations for higher-education institutions, and all meet the state standards for the state in which they’re located. 

As impressive as all that is, it’s just the beginning. Each Connections Academy school also employs state-certified teachers who are specially trained in online education. This makes them highly adept at connecting with students and meeting individual needs, whether a student requires extra support or is seeking new challenges like honors, Advanced Placement® (AP®*), or dual enrollment.  

On top of that, Connections Academy students can study world languages, engage in unique electives, and embrace numerous other opportunities to explore their passions and develop their talents and skills.   

Not surprisingly, parents have taken notice, and the reviews for Connections Academy are strong. According to a 2020–2021 parent survey, 94% of Connections Academy parents agree that the school’s curriculum is high-quality and 93% are satisfied with the Connections Academy program. 

An online school family taking advantage of flexible scheduling to learn anywhere.

Tuition Free

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