Top Findings from Remote Learning Parent Survey

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Our 2021 Parent Pulse Report was a parent survey designed to capture parent attitudes towards education in the US in February 2021, and is a continuation of last year’s opinion poll around the same time frame. With a full year of remote learning under American families’ belts, this year’s parent survey revealed surprising findings in sentiment towards online school and the future of education. 


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2021 Parent Survey Top Findings

  1. Parents see a future with online learning. 
  2. Parents are concerned about learning loss and social isolation; but the majority believe most kids will bounce back quickly and with valuable new skills.  
  3. The skills children are gaining include self-sufficiency, resilience, and competencies. 

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What we’ve learned from the disruption in children’s education.

  1. Majority of parents are open to rethinking the structure of school. 
  2. Teachers and parents have hit their stride with online learning. 
  3. Families got closer, and men took a more active role in their children’s education. 

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Next Steps in Online Learning

With the school year of 2021-2022 around the corner, making the decision that is best for your child’s education is important. Gauging other parents’ feedback and experiences can help! Check out why this parent took control of her child’s education, and chose to switch to virtual school permanently.  

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