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Families from all across the country have gotten a taste of online learning as a result of the pandemic, and recent studies have shown that virtual schools are here to stay. Many parents who discovered online schools for the first time have been shown to be more likely to want to continue with online vs. public school. 

The reasons for making the switch are numerous; for many families, online school provides an ideal blend of the best qualities of brick-and-mortar schools and the best qualities of parent-led homeschooling, while also personalizing the experience to the students’ individual needs. However, making the move to an online school is a big decision—one that can impact the whole family.  

So, you may be wondering, “Is virtual school right for my child?” 
Here at Connections Academy®, we have become the experts in all things virtual school. Since opening our doors (albeit virtually) in 2002, we have learned a lot about what kinds of students thrive in an online school and why.  

Take our five-minute quiz to help you decide whether an online school like Connections Academy is right for your family.  

What Is Virtual School Like at Connections Academy?

Connections Academy has been transforming the learning experience for over 20 years. Students across the United States receive an impactful, high-quality online education where they—and their family—benefit from:  

  • A flexible curriculum that uniquely blends online instruction, off-line coursework, and social and emotional learning.  Exceptional, highly skilled teachers who provide individual attention and support every step of the way.   
  • The ability to socialize with other incredible students through online clubs, in-person activities, and field trips that connect peers and turn classmates into friends.  
  • The chance to join a tight-knit community of amazing parents who participate in their child’s learning every day.  

We often are asked, “Are virtual schools good?” In the case of Connections Academy—a school that was specifically designed for online education—the evidence is clear: We help students find their way to success.  

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Support for All Types of Learners 

From dreamers to doers and from quiet thinkers to outgoing explorers, every student at Connections Academy is unique. When your child enrolls in our online public school, they’ll receive individualized attention focused on nurturing their strengths and helping them address whatever challenges they may face.  

When online schooling is done well, it can make a world of difference for students with a wide range of abilities, interests, and backgrounds, including:  

  • Academically advanced students who want to learn at their own, faster pace and gain access to programs that may not be readily available in their local schools (e.g., foreign languages and AP®* courses or STEM, gifted and talented, or music and arts programs).  
  • Career-focused students who are on a path to gain real-world skills through career and technical education courses.   
  • Students seeking a safe and supportive learning environment to learn free from the distractions found in brick-and-mortar schools.  
  • Previously homeschooled students who are ready to transition from parent-directed learning to teacher-directed learning, but still want parent and family support. 
  • Students with scheduling needs who require a more flexible learning environment during the school day to support their health, train as student-athletes, or pursue the arts.  
  • Students with learning needs who need more one-on-one attention from an experienced teacher and encouragement from an involved parent or Learning Coach.  
  • College preparatory students who are seeking the rigor and dedicated support to achieve their post-graduation goals.   

What Is Virtual School Like for Parents? 

For parents, virtual school isn’t too different from what brick-and-mortar school is like, but with one exception. At Connections Academy, we encourage parents to take a role in their child’s education by becoming a Learning Coach to:  

  • Keep the student motivated throughout the day.  
  • Organize the structure of the school day.  
  • Monitor the student’s progress by working closely with their teachers.  

By becoming your child’s Learning Coach, you can turn a small-time investment (insert the link here to the “Working Parents” article) into a personalized, education experience.  

Benefits of Online Education 

When parents and students make the switch to virtual schooling, the entire family reaps the rewards.  

Parents gain:  

  • Stonger involvement in their student’s education.  
  • Greater ability to adjust their student's learning environment and schedule to incorporate family priorities and values. 
  • More visibility into student performance and how their child learns.   

Students gain:  

  • One-on-one attention and the ability to work at their own pace.  
  • More flexibility in choosing when and where they learn.  
  • Personalized learning plans from specially trained teachers to help them grow and meet their goals.  
  • Real-world skills and confidence to take on whatever comes next after graduation.  
Individualized instruction at Connections Academy
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