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Melissa Hartman

INCA parent Melissa

Melissa’s daughter was been able to learn at her own pace and enjoyed every minute with Indiana Connections Academy (INCA). Her daughter, Logan, is a graduate of INCA and for Melissa, flexibility was the key to her family’s success. She tells her story below.

"Our family initially learned about INCA through postcards that we received. We were interested in the flexibility that INCA offered. We travel and loved the idea that Logan could do her schoolwork anywhere that had Internet access.

The program was all that I expected and more. Logan was able to learn at a pace that fit her. She could work on a concept for a longer time if she was struggling with it, or she could move quickly to the next concept if she mastered the skills more swiftly than expected. The teachers were very supportive and were there to help when Logan needed extra instruction."

The best part about INCA for us was the amount of quality family time that we were able to have. Because INCA offered flexibility and allowed Logan to work at the speed she needed, we had more time to spend playing games, visiting places of interest, taking walks, riding bikes, and just spending time together.
— Melissa