Maia Talbert

Graduate Student

Maia Talbert joined Indiana Connections Academy in the fifth grade, and it’s a decision she hasn’t looked back on. Throughout these crucial years, she had incredible learning experiences, took challenging courses, and above all, made memories that will last a lifetime. “Because of Indiana Connections Academy, I’ve fostered a passion for the sciences and foreign languages as well as a broader view of the ever-changing world around me,” said Maia.

“In my spare time, I enjoy drawing; playing piano and composing original piano music; reading; writing (usually poetry and short stories); and studying foreign languages. As a self-taught freelance mangaka, I also enjoy sharing my passion as an artist with people across the country, selling original drawings on sketch cards (each about the size of a credit card). I take pleasure in challenging myself through the art I create—be it in the form of music, writing, or drawing—which is one of the big reasons I began composing during my early years of high school. My dream is to become a published composer, telling stories through music I’m both inspired by and seek to inspire others with. Regarding language study, my journey took off in 2016 when I started studying Japanese, then in 2018 when I began American Sign Language. Through these years, I’ve gained a love for learning languages—recently, Thai and French in addition to the other two—and I’ve since committed to becoming a polyglot.

“Academically, I plan on double majoring in biochemistry and applied physics because I want to work as a biochemist/geneticist and astrophysicist. These four major fields of science (biology, chemistry, astronomy, and physics) deeply fascinate me. I plan on getting PhDs in those areas, hopefully working in stem cell research and planetary study.”

Though I’m now off to college and beyond, I will never forget that it was Indiana Connections Academy that opened the doors to amazing adventures for me. No matter what comes down the road, I want to continue learning more about the world I live in—who knows? A little knowledge here and there could change everything.

— Maia

Maia by the ocean