"Dimitri was excited when I told him about enrolling in Indiana Connections Academy because he would get to see his family more. He liked that with Indiana Connections Academy he can travel and still do schoolwork. He really liked Gifted and Talented science because he can design his own labs and lab reports. His favorite science lab was the one on electricity. Dimitri loved attending the field trips. He had a blast touring the Indiana State Museum where the Titanic exhibit was.

Like his twin brother, he’s an avid soccer player. He also takes piano and gymnastics, which he had the time to do since becoming a student at Indiana Connections Academy." Dimitri says, "Having Mom as a Learning Coach is pretty cool, too!"

Dimitri says, "I love Indiana Connections Academy because of the clubs and activities that we can do. I really like Chess Club, and we’ve been on picnics and field trips with school."

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Just ask your teacher, it’s worth it.

— Bryson

Dimitri holding a tennis racket