Nicky had a great relationship with all of his teachers at INCA, and got to meet them in person at school events or on testing days. What worked best for Nicky was the extra help he received through programs such as Successmaker Math. He liked the hands-on activities in his science course, but he especially loved his gym and health courses because it related to his future career dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Nicky has been taking ballet since he was very young and hoped to eventually join the San Francisco Ballet Company.

Outside of school and ballet, Nicky kept in touch with his friends through a variety of extracurricular activities including Pokemon (he has a very large and up-to-date collection of cards), and creating and building things with Legos. In addition, Nicky often went on trips with his youth group from church.

I loved INCA because I could do my school around my ballet schedule. I could also call my teachers whenever I needed help and they were very quick to respond.

— Nicky