Choosing a Safe Environment

Parker's decision to attend Indiana Connections Academy came after a bad year at a brick-and-mortar school due to something, unfortunately, many kids face. "I was being bullied at my old school, and my mom asked me if I wanted to attend school from home, and I said yes," Parker said. Parker loves that through Indiana Connections Academy, she gets to meet new people all over the state and is always able to get the academic help and support she needs.


The Online Elementary School Experience

Parker is only in her second year at Indiana Connections Academy, but the school and teachers have already made big difference. When asked if any teacher has made a significant impact, Parker answered, "Mrs. Long, who was my teacher for first grade and my first year at Indiana Connections Academy. She helped me feel special after a bad year at a brick-and-mortar school."

Parker's mother, Seleste, mentioned that after Parker started attending Indiana Connections Academy, Parker felt that she finally belonged somewhere. "I can say as a mother, I have seen my child grow as a person," Seleste said. "We love the teachers and staff. We may not see them in person, but we feel more care for [them] than we did at our local school system. Parker can work on things she wants to work on at her speed, and she doesn't feel rushed. She also can work on non-school things like art. She loves to draw and paint. When I signed her up for Indiana Connections Academy, my mother was a bit worried, but now she brags at how amazing her granddaughter is succeeding at Indiana Connections Academy and how it was the best choice."

I can say as a mother, I have seen my child grow as a person.

— Parker's Mom, Seleste