Angie Desmyther

Learning Coach

Angie is a Learning Coach for her children who are students and graduates of Michigan Connections Academy (MICA). Jeremiah and her eldest son, Josiah, are graduates and Ellie is now in high school. Angie is overjoyed that MICA has helped her kids engage more with their academics. She shares her story below.

"I was a dedicated homeschool mom for seven years, but once my oldest child finished sixth grade, I knew I was in for a challenge. He started to excel in his studies, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to give him and my four other children all the support and help that they would need in the higher grades.

Being a part of MICA has been an awesome experience, not just for me, but also for my children.

— Angie

I received an informational letter in the mail regarding a new virtual charter school in Michigan known as MICA, so I decided to do some research and found out it fit everything I was looking for. I still wanted to keep my children at home with me, and I also wanted to know that I was reaching all the marks in their education—MICA does just that.

The teachers are all wonderful and supportive, the curriculum is exceptional, all of the lessons are planned out for me, and my children have been able to excel in all their subjects and take some electives and courses that are interesting to them. With the flexible scheduling, we’re also able to still do the family adventures we would do while homeschooling. We have enjoyed the field trips, and my children have all formed some lasting friendships through MICA as well.'

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