Elementary Student

Ethan is currently a student at Michigan Connections Academy. As an actor, Ethan was looking for a school program that allowed him to continue his education while being flexible with his rigorous audition schedule. Ethan shares more below.

Why I Chose Michigan Connections Academy

I loved that Connections (Academy) had classes that could be flexed around my schedule, but still offered the kind of classes that I wanted. I previously attended an in-person public school. As I became busier as an actor, I needed something with more flexibility that could be done from anywhere. I love that with Connections (Academy) you can see all your assignments, and can work on weekends, evenings, or during the day—whatever works best for your schedule that week.

I am a working professional actor and performer. I’ve been in one movie, and within the past year had a lead in a TV episode, filmed a commercial, been in an off-Broadway play, and starred in a professional musical production. My jobs take me all over the country, so it is nice to know that no matter where we are, I have the same classes and teachers that I love and don’t need to worry about missing out or falling behind.

My Online School Experience

My favorite classes include math and science. The teachers are great and the curriculum is challenging. I love to learn about chemical reactions and things in science, and math is like a class of puzzles that I enjoy solving. If I need more direction or have questions, my teachers are only an email away. That personal connection is important.

"What I like most about Connections Academy are the challenging classes, the helpful teachers, the ability to work around my schedule as an actor, and the fact that I can work from anywhere in the world!"

— Ethan