Kim Maki's family

Kim Maki

Learning Coach

Kim Maki is a Michigan Connections Academy parent/Learning Coach. She currently has three children (Gabi, Brynn, and Keaton) enrolled in Michigan Connections Academy. Kim shares more below.

Why We Chose Michigan Connections Academy

Our family chose to enroll at Michigan Connections Academy because we felt it would be a good fit for us. I wanted to be very involved in my kids' education. Michigan Connections Academy not only gave my kids the ability to work with many great teachers, but allowed me, as a parent, to be involved in every step of their education along with them.

Our Online School Experience

We’ve had 10 years of experience at Michigan Connections Academy and I have been so grateful for this educational opportunity. I knew I didn’t want to put them in a traditional school setting and so this is all they have ever known. When my kids were younger, I would talk to their teachers every other week. The teachers would let me know how they felt my kids were performing and I was able to express any concerns I had. I think communication is very important for a successful online experience. Now that my children are in middle school and high school, they take more of the responsibility of communicating with their teachers, but I know I can still reach out to them if I have concerns.

Throughout the years of being at Michigan Connections Academy, my kids have been involved in many different activities and school clubs. We have always had more of the mindset of scheduling these activities around our school schedule, but I know some families join to do the opposite. I believe that Michigan Connections Academy does a great job preparing kids for college. The program helps teach your children to become more independent, focused, and organized in order to really succeed. My oldest daughter is currently a dual-enrolled student at our local community college. Her transition from high school to college has been very smooth as a result.

There are so many great people at Michigan Connections Academy that want to help see your child succeed. It is also so important for you as a parent or Learning Coach to be involved in your child’s education. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, this school is a great choice for their education.