Middle School

Jadzia is a middle school student at Michigan Connections Academy (MICA). As an active gymnast, Jadzia appreciates MICA’s flexible learning schedule for allowing her to balance athletics and schoolwork. Her mom shares more below.

"Besides school and family time, gymnastics is the other half of Jadzia’s life. Connections Academy integrates extremely well into Jadzia’s active lifestyle, which includes training for gymnastics between 20 and 25 hours per week. Her social life also revolves around her gymnastics 'sisters.' They are a very positive influence in her life and provide tons of opportunity for socialization. In addition, she was able to connect with other gymnasts from around that state that happened to be in her MICA courses.

Connections Academy is different from her previous homeschooling because she can work at her own pace, typically outpacing the class. She can also connect with her teachers any time of the day, which was not the case at her bricks-and-mortar school. Jadzia’s teachers make the LiveLesson® room really fun. They have been very supportive and responsive. She really likes that she can email them with questions or concerns and they respond right away. Jadzia plans on continuing at Connections Academy because she loves the academic challenge and the freedom to start school in the morning in her pajamas!"

"I love MICA because I can work at my own pace and it fits perfectly with my gymnastics schedule."

— Jadzia