Brinn is a recent graduate of Michigan Connections Academy (MICA). At MICA, Brinn was able to purse her athletic passion while still receiving a high-quality education. Her mom shares more below.

"Brinn decided to attend MICA after she made Northern Michigan her permanent home last summer. She had attended a virtual school in Ohio for six years, so she was determined to continue this type of education in Michigan. After we researched many options, MICA became the obvious choice and best match.

Brinn required a flexible schedule because she is a competitive ski racer in the central region of the USSA (United States Ski and Snowboard Association). She travels frequently for training and racing and has a demanding training and competition schedule. Fortunately, MICA’s flexible schedule allowed Brinn to work at her own pace and travel so that she could competitively ski race. The individual interactions with her teachers and connecting with her classmates was icing on the cake.

"The teachers are not only qualified, but they are also compassionate, involved, and willing to go the extra mile for their students."

— Brinn's Mom

Brinn’s favorite subjects were math and social studies. She likes math because every problem has a definitive answer. Everyone may reach that answer in a different way, but the result is always the same. She likes social studies because it taught her that a she can think outside the box as long as she has the facts to support her argument. Brinn loved her teachers and communicated with them on a regular basis. With a family whose background is in education, she realized that the learning that takes place with these master teachers is irreplaceable. Without her teachers’ support and encouragement, her success both in and out of the classroom would not have been possible.

Brinn believes that other students should consider MICA because MICA allows for a flexible schedule to accommodate life, and the teachers are not only qualified, but they are also compassionate, involved, and willing to go the extra mile for their students. Academically, any student can be taught at any level in order reach their potential. The possibility to travel and work, pursue other interests, maintain educational goals even with health issues, and investigate a wide variety of courses of study with caring, supportive teachers in a safe environment make MICA a unique educational opportunity."

Brinn on the ski slope