"Ellie loves to read, but she enjoys her math class the most. She also gets very excited when she receives a phone call from her teacher. Transitioning to the Michigan Connections Academy program was not easy for Ellie. In fact, she had the hardest time getting into this new schooling method. But with the help of her teacher and the fun field trips, she now can't wait to start school each day.

All my children have an excitement in them for learning and doing their schoolwork, and I know most of it is because Michigan Connections Academy has made the learning experience fun and enjoyable. As a mom, it warms my heart to see my children thrive and enjoy what they are doing."

In the future, Ellie would like to work with animals as a veterinarian.

"I love Michigan Connections Academy because Mrs. Roberts is my favorite teacher, and the field trips are fun."

— Ellie