Marta is a graduate of Michigan Connections Academy (MICA) from Howell, Michigan. At MICA, Marta was able to complete her schoolwork in a comfortable learning environment. Learn more about her story below.

"Marta is a very independent girl who works hard in everything she does. She has a passion for martial arts and has achieved a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She began training in 2005 and now helps to teach the sport to other students. Marta participated in the 2008 Junior Olympics in Detroit where she earned three medals.

Marta had always been interested in completing her schoolwork from home and was thrilled when she learned about Connections Academy. Her favorite subject is language arts because she loves to read and write. Marta’s favorite part of being a Connections Academy student was being able to work at her own pace from the comfort of her home. If she had a problem or has a question, she emailed her teachers and received a quick response. Likewise, if she had a hard time grasping a specific topic, she had private one-on-one learning sessions with her teachers. Marta liked her challenging courses."

In the future, Marta would like to be a teacher.

"I loved doing my schoolwork at home and at my own pace."

— Marta