South Carolina Connections Academy Staff

Our team of school staff and certified teachers are dedicated to helping our students learn how they learn best.

School Leader

Joshua Kitchens


Our goal at SCCA is simple: Learning for All. We strive to make sure that every student who comes here is learning at his or her highest level.

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Ms. Heller

Manager of Counseling Services


Ms. Martin

Elementary 504 Coordinator and Case Manager


Ms. Parker

K-12 504 Coordinator


Ms. Carter

High School Assistant Principal, Grades 9&10


Sherry Cates

Ms. Cates


Susan Crooks

Ms. Crooks

Middle School

Ashley Dickert

Ms. Dickert


Cathy Gratz

Ms. Gratz


Everette Keller

Mr. Keller

High School

Laura Reames

Ms. Reames

High School

Megan South

Ms. South


James Spaulding

Mr. Spaulding


Nicole Zengerle

Ms. Zengerle


Nicole Zengerle

Dr. Spaulding

High School

Nicole Zengerle

Ms. Andres

Gifted and Talented Math

Nicole Zengerle

Ms. Dyar

Honors Geometry

Nicole Zengerle

Ms. Andrade


Nicole Zengerle

Ms. Lentz

2nd Grade

Nicole Zengerle

Ms. Ferguson

4th Grade

Nicole Zengerle

Ms. Wolfe

8th Grade

Nicole Zengerle

Mr. Gault

High School

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