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Laura Ferguson

4th Grade Teacher

Hofstra Bachelor of Arts in English and Publishing Studies

Laura teaches 4th grade Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. She has over a decade of teaching experience at South Carolina Connections Academy. Mrs. Ferguson shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

"I wanted a career where every day would be different and creative! I love working with kids - seeing them grow and watching them learn! I tell my students that I love school so much, that I wanted to be in school always!

Watching students flourish throughout the past 10 years has been an honor. Our teachers are amazing! Our school has always been a choice for students who needed a learning environment that worked best for them. I have seen South Carolina Connections Academy transform students in so many positive ways, and I love being a part of it.

"Together we succeed. It's you, your student, and me... and you're not doing this on your own!”

—  Ms. Ferguson

We build in time for students to chat with each other! We use our webcams, wear funny hats, and adventure out on scavenger hunts! We also host talent shows and holiday Parties, and we even have class pets.

My Interests

I love bike riding, a good mystery movie or novel, historical sites, fishing, thunderstorms, and my mom s pasta. Once a year, my husband and I like to take one big adventure trip! We have 3 mischievous rescue cats. You can find me at the beach or in the mountains when I'm not teaching!"

Image of Ms. Ferguson