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Jennifer Giovannone Andrade

Kindergarten Teacher

Columbia College M.Ed. Divergent Learning, Carolina at Charlotte BA in Elementary Education

Jennifer is a kindergarten teacher with over a dozen years of teaching experience. She started at Connections Academy in 2017. Ms. Andrade shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

"I love children and I always knew that I wanted to help make a difference. I was not always sure what that meant or looked like, even though my mom tried to tell me when I was young that teaching was the job for me.

South Carolina Connections Academy is an amazing place to work! Our staff works very hard to build a community where we value, respect, and celebrate each other. It is unlike any other teaching position I have held.

In my classroom, students choose their level of involvement. We work hard to build community in my classroom with Star Student, work celebrations, field trips (both virtually and face to face), and much more. We have time to meet one on one, in small groups, and as a whole class. I feel closer to my families now than I did when I was a brick-and-mortar teacher.

"The wonderful thing is that you will be supported! Your teachers are not there just for your student, but to help your family be rock stars with online learning. It is life-changing! Go for it!”

—  Ms. Andrade

At South Carolina Connections Academy, we allow students to work on their curriculum in a way that meets their learning style and needs. The flexibility of the program allows students to get their work done, encourages extra curriculars, and leaves lots of time for children to develop their individual talents!

We focus on South Carolina State Standards, just like any other public school. We have a strong curriculum that is tested and pushes children to be college and career ready! Giving children the chance to work in a way that works best for them.

My Interests

I enjoy heading to the beach and exploring new places with my two wonderful kids, one which is currently a student at South Carolina Connections Academy."

Image of Ms. Giovannone-Andrade