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Dr. Lauretta Spaulding

High School Math Teacher

Bachelor of Mathematics from University of South Carolina; Master of Teaching in Secondary Education from University of South Carolina; Doctor of Education in Leadership from American College of Education

Dr. Lauretta Spaulding is a math teacher for our high school students at South Carolina Connections Academy. She shares her story below:

Why I Became a Teacher

"During my undergraduate years at the University of South Carolina, I had a job with the college as a tutor. It was then that I learned I enjoyed not only my subject matter, but also helping others to learn and appreciate what I was teaching. Throughout my career, I have taught as a teacher, college instructor, substitute teacher, learning center instructor, and tutor, and I love being able to help people learn and achieve success.

The Online School Experience at South Carolina Connections Academy

Teaching at South Carolina Connections Academy is great because I can teach my students using interactive lessons without the distractions one might see in a brick-and-mortar school. Here, I have more time to focus on helping individual students than I would in another setting.

"Here, I have more time to focus on helping individual students than I would in another setting."

—  Dr. Spaulding

The Benefits of K–12 Online Learning

A South Carolina Connections Academy education helps students prepare for the future by encouraging students to take charge of their own learning, use engaging technology to facilitate learning, and develop confidence in seeking help.

Message for Families Considering Online School

South Carolina Connections Academy really motivates students to take ownership of their educational journey. While our programs are flexible, students and caretakers are still responsible for ensuring the student meets attendance requirements by signing in and completing the required number of lessons each day. Talk with your student to make sure your student is ready to be accountable for staying on track in an online school environment."

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