Image of Ms. Dyar

Heather Dyar

Honors Geometry Teacher

Anderson University, Mathematics and Secondary Education

Heather is an Honors Geometry teacher, teaching grades 8–10. She has over a decade of experience teaching, and joined Connections Academy in 2017. Ms. Dyar shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

"I became a teacher to be an inspiration and motivation for young students. I love my content area of math as well, and want to share that with others in an engaging and exciting way.

At South Carolina Connections Academy we can help students that are in need of more individualized learning. We have time to meet with students one-on-one to help them understand concepts they are struggling with.

"As teachers at South Carolina Connections Academy we can see your students' weaknesses and strengths and celebrate those. We are here for them with any help they may need along the way.”

—  Ms. Dyar

The Online School Experience at South Carolina Connections Academy

In LiveLesson® sessions, students work in groups to help each other with problems for review on tests and quizzes. This means that students are constantly reflecting on their own work to see what needs to be improved and when to actively ask for help."

Image of Ms. Dyar