Wennie Rodriguez

SCCA student Wennie at a piano

Wennie Rodriguez is a high school student at South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). She lives in Seabrook, South Carolina. At SCCA, Wennie has the flexibility to further explore her musical talents while still receiving a quality education. Her mother shares her story below.

'Wennie started playing the piano at the age of four, and she learned it quickly. She has been performing for large audiences since then. Her piano teacher keeps on calling her a ‘piano prodigy.’ Wennie has been to different events, master classes, and competitions, and she won some major prizes. In 2010, the Beaufort Gazette newspaper wrote, ‘six-year-old piano prodigy hits all the right notes.’ She also loves to sing; she can sing in three languages: English, Spanish, and Tagalog. Her goal is to play at Carnegie Hall.

We tried homeschooling for a few years, but when we learned about South Carolina Connections Academy, we knew this was what we needed for Wennie, because of its flexibility. Now we can travel without worrying about missing school because we are able to bring the work with us. Wennie can also do the things that she likes the most, like sing and play the piano, because they really require a lot of time to practice. We always spread the good news about SCCA to other parents.

Wennie learned how to read at age three, and she has a huge memory—like an elephant! At age four, she memorized all the capitals in the world, as well as the 50 states, and she recognized the states by shape. She can name the 44 presidents in one minute, and she knows so many facts that some adults don’t have any clue about. Wennie is also very talented in math for her age; she can understand the concepts so easily. Her favorite subjects are math, science, and social studies.

During her free time, Wennie loves to play soccer, bike, play with her puppies, fish with her dad, and collect things like different kinds of rocks, shells, and even leaves. She also likes to play with her Wii and doll collections, read, and write her made-up adventure stories with her puppies (Soli, Lewis, and Clark) as main characters.'

What I like most about South Carolina Connections Academy is learning a lot and going to LiveLesson® sessions. I like math, especially solving problems, because they are fun to do. I like science because of the experiments that we do. I also like that I can practice my piano and sing whenever I want.
— Wennie