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Cathy Fowler

Learning Coach

Cathy Fowler is a mother and Learning Coach to three students who attend South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). Her children all have different learning styles and interests, and at SCCA, she is able to ensure that her children are being academically challenged. Cathy shares more of her family’s story below.

"I learned about Connections Academy through the Internet. My children were attending another virtual school, but our family was unhappy with the program. Schooling at home had been a joy for nine years; however, we were noticing that we needed something different. As my daughter entered her teen years, especially with the challenges of Autism, we felt that she would benefit from having teachers outside of the family unit who could invest in her education. We were able to slip easily into the supporting role, and she did not feel like we were telling her what to do from the time she woke up until she went to sleep at night.

What we like best about Connections Academy is that the teachers’ LiveLesson® sessions coincide with what the students are learning in their curriculum. We also love the relational interaction between the students and teachers. My children are not apprehensive about asking their teachers for help, and they do not feel like a number or grade because they know that their teachers are invested in their education.

Academically, we feel that our children are prepared for the colleges and careers of their choice. They are getting good report cards, and enjoying learning at the same time. They can discuss what they are learning with others, and make friends while doing so. I do not hesitate to call the teachers or send them a WebMail if I have a question or concern.

My children spend time with their friends at church, but have also reached out to classmates in our area for social opportunities through WebMail. My boys were involved with a homeschool PE class last year and made even more friends. My daughter, Cresa, also attends a program that specializes in the autism spectrum where they are able to add another dimension to her learning; some of her classmates attend SCCA as well. The flexibility of Connections Academy allows her to focus on one subject for the day if she is having a hard time transitioning between subjects, or if she is getting overwhelmed with the day’s work. Also, she can take breaks and play some basketball, or juggle hula hoops if she needs to. When she is older, she wants to be a designer or a creative pastor. SCCA allows her to work in and around her creativity, be able to go to the school of her choice, and feel confident in her ability to do what it takes to reach those goals.

Academically, we feel that our children are prepared for the colleges and careers of their choice. All of my children are getting good report cards, but they are also able to enjoy learning.

— Cathy

My youngest son wants to work with the elderly, possibly in a nursing home or retirement home. With the flexible schedule, he can participate in volunteer opportunities during the day and still excel in his education. My older son wants to become a geographer, writer, geneticist, archeologist, or actor—he would not have been interested in many of these careers if it wasn’t for this program. Additionally, he is able to advance in math and be challenged more vigorously in his literature course. My son will be able to finish Connections Academy with a good education and enter the college of his choice.

Even though it can be challenging to learn at home with a large family, the flexibility of SCCA offers a way to deal with the ebbs and flows of the many different appointments and opportunities that are necessary. Connections Academy has so many advantages for us. We feel that it is the best combination of homeschooling and bricks-and-mortar schools. My children are offered great opportunities to grow and learn the skills that they will need to be successful."

Cathy and her son at a pumpkin patch