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Anna Beavers


Anna is a graduate of South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). She lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her family. As a professional ballerina, Anna appreciated SCCA’s flexible scheduling. She shares her story below.

"I knew when I decided that I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer that I could no longer attend a traditional high school. School was always very important to me, especially keeping up my grades. I knew that I needed an online school that could give me flexible hours, yet still provide me with a strong structure. That is exactly why I chose SCCA! The teachers were so kind and helpful, and there for you whenever I needed them. SCCA worked perfectly for my schedule because I had varying days and times in which I could complete school. My favorite subject at SCCA was economics. To me, economics has the most prevalent real world applications, such as buying a house and having a job.

My favorite activity outside of school is ballet. I started doing ballet when I was 4 years old, and I have never quit! It allows me to express myself in a way that I cannot always do verbally. The rush you get when performing onstage is something that never gets old!

South Carolina Connections Academy allowed me to become a professional ballet dancer with the Columbia City Ballet and still get an excellent education at the same time!

— Anna

SCCA was different from my previous high school because it allowed me to do my schoolwork on my own time. For instance, the flexible schedule allowed me to complete schoolwork ahead of time if I had a performance at night. Now that I've graduated, I plan to continue dancing as a professional ballerina while completing college courses."

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