3 Things to Consider Before Switching to an Online School

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Elementary school and Middle School students working with their Learning Partner during Connections Academy online classes.

With the increase of online learning in recent years, demand for virtual public schooling is climbing. 

Here are a few data points to consider:  

Different families have different reasons for switching to online school. When considering online versus traditional schools, parents often choose remote learning so they can:   

  • Tailor their students’ curriculum as an alternative to a “one-size-fits-all” program, one that will enable kids to pursue personal academic passions, challenge gifted learners to push themselves, and provide time for students who struggle to realize their full potential. 
  • Shape the daily school schedule to fit their family’s needs instead of having to work around the rigid daily schedules of traditional schools, which allows students to learn at their own pace and ensures all students get the most out of their learning experience.  
  • Provide a safe, inviting learning experience that supports academic achievement and values parental input. 

Faith, a Connections Academy® parent, sums up why so many families are turning to tuition-free online public schools as a positive alternative to traditional education: 

“We were just no longer happy with the environment and ‘cookie cutter’ style our in-person public school provided. Not every child is made the same or learns the same way or at the same speed as everyone else. Issues with bullying and safety also became a concern.” 

Parents like Faith are realizing the valuable, tangible benefits that online schools offer, including the  control they have over their child’s learning environment, personalizing an accredited curriculum that promotes students’ academic and personal growth, and customizing the school day to support  their child’s individual  learning needs. 


1. Is Online Schooling the Right Fit for My Family?

Taking a child out of a in-person school in favor of at-home learning requires time and research to make the move smoothly. It’s a family decision, and a good place to start is by asking questions like these to see if remote learning fits your family’s priorities:  

2. How Do I Find the Right School?

Switching to an online school is a big decision. Before you make the commitment to it, though, consider your other non-traditional school options in addition to online education. They include  charter schools, magnet schools, and private schools.  

Finding the right school for your student is a much more involved process than the first round of questions. This free, downloadable “How to Choose the Right School for Your Child“ workbook will guide you through this critical step. 

If you’re still leaning toward online learning, don’t let persistent myths and bogus stereotypes about homeschooling get in the way.  

3. How Can I Switch to an Online School?

If you and your family have decided online schooling is a good fit, prepare to join the millions of families who have taken responsibility for their kids’ education. Some things to get done: 

  • Gather the documents—the same paperwork a traditional school requires—you’ll need to enroll your student. 
  • Decide if you want to be your student’s Learning Coach or want to appoint another adult to fill the role. 
  • Create an organized, inspiring learning space that builds productive study habits. 
  • Work with your student to take advantage of online education’s flexible scheduling

There is no end to the questions you might ask, discussions you should have, or things you should do to make a smooth transition to online school, so you might want to look at these other assets that can help you learn how to switch to an online school include: 


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