The 4 Benefits of Online High School and How It Can Help You

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We’ve all been there. Peer pressure, bullies, keeping up with grades—there can be a lot of challenges when you’re in high school.   

Maybe it’s time to break out of the mold and try something different? Something for you.  

Online public school can give you the personal control you need to own your school days. Whether you would like to stay out of conflicts at school, or you would like the flexibility to shape your school day, a tuition-free online school could be the right choice for you.   

Both students and parents are seeing the benefits of online school. Here are four great benefits of online school and how it might be the right choice for you: 

1. Have Control Over Your Environment

Traditional public schools can struggle to provide all students with a safe, positive learning environment. Negative peer groups and bullies can significantly impact your high school experience, and they can even lead to poor performance or cause you to miss classes.  

Battling with insecurity or stress when it comes to attending school could put your education at a disadvantage. Additionally, negative classroom environments can prevent you from reaching your full potential when it comes to keeping up with expectations and getting good grades.  

But virtual high schools like Connections Academy® give you the opportunity to study in a safe online environment customized to your individual needs and interests. This could build your confidence and help you enjoy school again.  

2. Learn at Your Own Pace with Flexible Schedules

One of the benefits of online high school for students is the added perk of flexible schedules. This is a great fit if you like working at your own learning pace, have an unconventional schedule, or require access to physical or mental health services and need ongoing care.  

Do you love waking up super early? Or, are you naturally more of a night owl? Whenever you like to work best, you can make it happen when you enroll in online school. And you’ll always have access to online school help and resources. Check out some sample schedules from other online school students who designed their school days.  

3. Have More Choices in Your Education

Do you wish you could study subjects like digital arts or video game design, but your current school doesn’t offer these classes? At Connections Academy, we have more course offerings than traditional public school that help keep school fun and interesting.   

If you struggle with boredom due to a lack of challenge and limited course offerings, Connections Academy has a wider choice of Advanced Placement® (AP®*) and honors courses. And our Career Technical Education (CTE) courses let you explore and prepare for the career field of your choice. With all these opportunities, you can stay busy, work on college prep, and find your niche, all while catapulting yourself into your future.  

For some added inspiration, check out these real stories from online high school students who graduated high school early.  

4. Learn from Dedicated Teachers

Another one of the benefits of online high school is the availability and accessibility of your teachers. Your virtual school teachers can personalize learning for you and provide one-on-one attention if you need it.  

Additionally, your teachers will be available by phone and email to answer questions and provide support to both you and your parents. It’s a big difference from the distance-learning model that so many families struggled with during the pandemic. Online school is different from this. Learn more about the difference between school from home and online public school.   

Many teens have changed schools to Connections Academy and started enjoying school again through tuition-free, online public school. Share with your parents today why online school is right for you.   

Learn more about the closest Connections Academy school in your state.   

*AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission. 

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