A Document Checklist for Enrolling in K–12 Online School

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At Connections Academy®, we know that switching to a new school is a big decision. Whether you’re still weighing the benefits of online school or you’ve made the decision to move to a virtual K–12 school environment, it’s a good idea to start gathering the documents you’ll need to enroll. This will help you avoid any issues with the enrollment process that could delay your enrollment and affect the start of the next school year. 

We’ve developed a general list of documents from our own detailed, school-specific checklists to help you prepare for the enrollment process. While requirements vary by school and state, this general list will give you an idea of where to start, what questions to ask your online school enrollment advisor, and whether you may need to allow for extra time to enroll to obtain any missing documents. 


Do you need a birth certificate to enroll in online school?

K–12 online schools will require an official document confirming your student’s age. Most virtual schools will accept a copy of either an official birth certificate or a passport. If you’ve misplaced the birth certificate, you can request a copy from your state vital records office. Fees vary from about $10 to $30. 


Do you need to show proof of residence?

Some schools accept students from across the state, while others may only serve students in a certain district or region. You’ll need to submit one or more proof of residence documents that confirm that you live in the area served. These typically include: 

  • utility bills (gas, electric, water, etc.) dated within 60 days of the enrollment date and that include your name and service address 
  • mortgage statements or lease agreements 
  • a driver’s license 
  • a voter registration card 
  • a property tax bill 


Does a student need to be immunized to enroll in online school?

Just like brick-and-mortar schools, public online schools require proof of immunization or, where allowed by state law, a statement showing that your student is exempt from immunization for health or religious reasons. Common forms of proof accepted by online schools may include: 

  • an immunization booklet 
  • an official school record or written statement from the former school district 
  • a written statement from a medical office that the required immunizations have been administered or that a required series is in progress 
  • a health-care provider or health department printout 
  • an enrolling school’s Immunization Record or Statement of Exemption 

Not sure when your student’s next vaccination is due? Here’s a helpful list from the Immunization Action Coalition. 


Do you need a student’s academic records to enroll?

Because a certain number of prospective online school students have been homeschooled, your online school of choice may have record forms or requirements designed specifically for homeschooled students. For example, with some variations by state, Connections Academy–supported schools provide helpful reporting forms, such as: 

  • Prior Academic History Form for grades K–8 
  • High School Homeschool Credit Form for grades 9–12 

For students who have previously attended public or private school, you’ll generally need your student’s most recent report card if they’re entering grades K–8, or a transcript of all courses, grades, and credits attempted or completed if they’re entering grades 9–12. 


What other documents do you need to enroll in online school?

Depending on the state in which you live and your student’s individual circumstances, you may also be asked to provide: 

  • a custody order or statement of guardianship 
  • a recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and exit documentation 
  • a 504 plan 
  • gifted and talented documentation 
  • state test scores 
  • proof of vision screening 

As a reminder, enrollment documentation and eligibility requirements vary by both school and state. But, armed with this general list, you should be ready for a faster, less stressful enrollment process. If you’re still exploring online school for your child, learn more about the online school experience to help you make the right school choice for your family: 

If you’re ready to get started at a Connections Academy school, check out our enrollment page to find a school in your state and begin the enrollment process. 

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