The ABCs of Challenging Gifted Students

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Student and Learning Coach working together on laptop

“He also likes the idea of dual enrollment once he reaches the high school level so that he can be working on his associate degree while still in high school.” 

— Amoe C.  

“If they are struggling to understand a concept, I can spend more time with them on that subject and not just push them on ahead … I see them learning to problem-solve and think outside the box.” 

— BreeAnn A.

A parent helps coach his gifted student. 

“Don’t stress! You and your child are both learning something new. Instead of telling them what to do and how to do it, look over what needs to be done with your child and make a plan together on how to get there.” 

— Teresa I.

“My boys love that they no longer have to worry about bullies, and if they need help, we are always right here to help them.” 

— Carrie G.

Children pursuing activities for gifted students.

“Online school gave my students the freedom to do the lessons in what order they want and to focus more on lessons they don’t understand.” 

— Tasha. H. 

Gifted students gardening to learn more about plants. 

“When they aren’t doing schoolwork, toss in a board game, book time, or start a family garden.” 

— Tracy J. 

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