New Learning Coach Guide: How to Start Online School

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As your child’s Learning Coach, you’ve accomplished a lot so far.   

You and your student have created an inviting, inspiring learning space, checked off all the boxes on the school supplies list, and tested the technology to make sure it’s ready to go. 

Together, you worked out a school-day schedule that is tailored to your child’s learning preferences; keeps them focused by setting start and finish times for lessons and homework; and includes time for family events, exercise, and extracurricular activities.

That’s only the beginning though.  

Over the course of your student’s online schooling, as their Learning Coach you will be a cheerleader, mentor, and guide. You will have a significant role in shaping their educational achievement, personal growth, and life-skills development. And you will face challenges.   

Yet, through it all, you will earn a deep sense of fulfillment as your efforts pay off in your student’s progress and success. 

If you’re not sure where to start school online, we’ve curated articles from across the Connections Academy Resource Hub to help you lean into your new role.  

Remember, your student’s teacher is always your best resource. They want your student to thrive as much as you do, and they’re committed to providing the insights, answers, and expertise to nurture your child’s development.

Resources That Support Student Orientation for Online School

Conversation starters to set and reinforce expectations about: 

  • Managing time — Share five easy steps with your student to build effective, efficient skills that improve self-discipline, academic performance, and decision-making abilities.
  • Overcoming procrastination — Understand why students put things off and learn ways to get them to start on time, focus, and stay on task.
  • Solving problems — Show your child why standing up to a challenge instead of shying away helps them build confidence and independence.    
  • Motivation — Discover the three psychological needs that are the foundation of self-reliance. 

Where to Start School Online to Develop Important Life Skills

Inspire your student to become:  

  • Adaptable — Delve into a critical soft skill that enables students to overcome barriers, piques their curiosity, and supports leadership and teamwork development.  
  • Independent — Encourage your student to take ownership of education by helping them develop an essential lifelong skill that prepares them for a dynamic, unpredictable future.
  • Intentional — Help your student understand how a growth mindset enlarges their learning potential.

Articles About Personal Growth

Student orientation ideas develop their human potential through: 

  • Socialization — Assure your student that, contrary to the myth that online education deprives them of time with their peers, there are plenty of opportunities to socialize.
  • People skills — Discover ways to build the interpersonal skills that help students resolve conflict, listen, solve problems, collaborate, and enrich their emotional intelligence. 
  • Positive thinking — Model an optimistic mindset that encourages your student to adopt a way of thinking that promotes physical and mental well-being, confidence, and resiliency. 
  • Self-esteem — Inspire your student to believe in themselves, their abilities, and their willingness to accept challenges and use defeat as an opportunity to learn.  
  • Volunteerism — Find opportunities for your child to give back to the community and show your family’s values in action. 

Additional Resources to Help You and Your Student Start Online School

Being your student’s Learning Coach doesn’t need to be overwhelming. 

We are committed to helping you in every way possible as you foster your student’s curiosity and development, inside and outside the classroom. 

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