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Families that reside in the state of Washington have the options of choosing from several high-quality online schools. Each school uses a Washington-approved curriculum and Washington-certified teachers, and is available to students throughout the state.

Although students learn from home, parents can choose a Washington state online school and feel confident knowing that their children are meeting the same state standards and hitting the same education benchmarks as their peers.

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Are There Online Schools Near Me In Washington?

There are currently two online schools in Washington to choose from.

Enrolls students in grades K–12.

Provides live, teacher-led instruction in group and one-on-one settings.

Offers a safe, supportive way to attend school from home for Washington students.

Connections Academy schools are supported by Connections Education LLC, which is accredited by Cognia, formerly AdvancED.

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Serves students in grades 6–12.

Caring teachers lead live, online instruction.

Has a welcoming online school community that helps students lean into learning.

Sponsored by South Kitsap School District. Connections Academy schools are supported by Connections Education LLC, which is accredited by Cognia, formerly AdvancED.

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Frequently Asked Questions


No, although homeschooling and online school both take place in the student’s home, these methods of learning are very different.
Traditional homeschooling means that the parent must develop or purchase the curriculum, prepare lesson plans, teach the student, and grade schoolwork. Online school lifts some of that responsibility from the parents’ shoulders, because the curriculum and lessons are provided online, at no cost, and students have certified teachers who instruct and evaluate student performance.

With Washington online public school, the state-approved curriculum and lessons are developed by education professionals and provided for free. Students complete daily lessons using the internet and interactive educational tools. Parents guide their students as Learning Coaches, usually by structuring the day, keeping them on task, providing help when needed, and communicating with teachers.
Students build relationships with Washington-certified online school teachers who partner with each family to create a personalized plan for a student’s successful learning. Teachers provide instruction in regularly scheduled online classroom sessions, grade student work, and provide ongoing feedback about performance.
Students also benefit from having a more flexible schedule, so parents can plan the day’s agenda around family time, personal interests, health needs, and athletics.

Several high-quality online public schools in Washington state are offered in conjunction with Connections Academy, a leading national provider of online learning with two decades of experience and schools in more than 30 states. Families may choose from:

  • Pacific Northwest Connections Academy offers online middle school and online high school, grades 6-12 for students who live anywhere in Washington. This school is approved by the South Kitsap School District.
  • Washington Connections Academy is an online public school for students in grades K-12 and is authorized by the Mary M. Knight School District.
  • Washington Connections Academy Goldendale is sponsored by the Goldendale Public Schools to deliver online education for grades K-12 residing anywhere in Washington state.

Accreditation is a recognition of school quality by an educational organization. The Washington state online schools supported by Connections Academy benefit not only from the expertise of a national leader in online education, but also from its accreditation. Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education, which is accredited by Cognia, formerly AdvancED.

Online public school options are offered throughout Washington for high school students that prefer to learn from home.
The Washington state online high schools supported by Connections Academy deliver a 21st century education to student’s homes. There’s a robust, college-preparatory curriculum with honors and Advanced Placement© courses for college-bound students. This ensures that students can prepare for higher education.
Career and technical education (CTE) courses are also available as part of the online high school curriculum, so students can explore their fields of interest and gain workforce skills.

High school students working toward a high school diploma at a Washington online school must meet the same Washington graduation requirements as their peers who attend brick-and-mortar schools. They must earn 24 credits, pass the state testing/assessment, and complete a High School & Beyond plan.
Online public schools have licensed school counselors who work closely with students to develop a plan for completing their course requirements and are prepared for college and career when they graduate. Graduating Washington online high school seniors earn an official Washington state diploma.