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Mary McGuire


Mary McGuire is a special education teacher at Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA). She has been teaching since 1984 and joined OKCA in 2014. She holds an early childhood degree from Northeastern University and a master’s degree in special education from Oklahoma University.

When asked why she became a teacher, Ms. McGuire said, “I grew up believing that I wanted to be a nurse, like my mother. However, once I was in college, I realized that nursing just wasn't my thing. As I began to explore other careers, I was drawn to teaching.

Although I had graduated high school with high grades, school wasn't always easy for me. Due to a family crisis when I was four, making it through elementary school was rough. During that time, I had supportive teachers who were always there encouraging me to believe in myself. When I began thinking about teaching as a career, I became excited that I had the opportunity to become the type of teacher that had help me learn to succeed and believe in myself. Teaching gave me the opportunity to touch the lives of my students, as others have touched mine.

The thing that I enjoy the most about working at Connections Academy is the support I receive from other teachers. We work together to support all of our students and each other. A benefit of working in an online school is that I am able to work anywhere that I have my computer and Internet. While working at the office is very comfortable, I have had situations arise that took me out of state. Since we are an online school, I have been able to continue my work from a different state just as if I was sitting in our office.

I believe that an education at OKCA gives our students the opportunity for a bright future by providing a well-structured, strenuous curriculum in a flexible, supportive environment. OKCA works extremely hard to give our students a sense of belonging by facilitating school community with our families. Students develop the ability to be more independent and responsible for their own education, under the close watch of their Learning Coaches.”

School community gives our students a sense of belonging. OKCA works extremely hard to facilitate school community with our families.
— Ms. McGuire