Image of Ms Dewar

Jennifer Dewar

Assistant Principal (Grades 9-12)

Master of Education, School Administration, Northeastern State University

Jennifer Dewar is the high school assistant principal at Oklahoma Connections Academy. She began her teaching career in 1994 and joined Oklahoma Connections Academy in 2017. Learn more about Ms. Dewar below:

My Teaching Background

I have always loved working with students since my days teaching in a preschool while I attended college. Teaching in elementary and middle schools in several states since then has afforded me the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of students and families.

The Online School Experience

The online environment is so unique, and Oklahoma Connections Academy's program helps all students meet their full potential through a team of support including teachers, administrators, and caretakers. Communication is a critical component of this team, and Oklahoma Connections Academy has many efficient pathways for effective communication.

Oklahoma Connections Academy students are well prepared to be successful in whichever academic or career goal they choose to pursue. Through engagement with our rigorous curriculum, students are challenged to meet their highest potential, while learning new skills like independent learning and knowing when and how to ask for help. Our students learn how to be organized and self-motivated to maintain a consistent schedule of work and progress to achieve their goals.

The Benefits of K-12 Online Learning

All typical classroom distractions are minimized, so teachers and students can better collaborate for the benefit of student success.

The common thread that runs through every program, activity, and interaction is our focus on what is best for the individual student and ensuring that we meet their needs.

— Ms. Dewar

Message for Families Considering Online School

As an Oklahoma Connections Academy caretaker, you will have the ability to participate fully in your child's education. Our teachers and administrators are a phone call away and this communication is key to a student's success in the online environment!

Hobbies and Interests

I’m the mother of four teenagers, so we’re always busy with school and extracurricular activities. We enjoy the outdoors, traveling, exercise, music, and movies together!