Lori Eads

Lori Eads

Elementary School Teacher

BS, Family Relations and Child Development with a focus on Early Childhood Education, Oklahoma State University

Lori Eads began teaching in 2001 and joined Oklahoma Connections Academy in 2017. She teaches all subjects in kindergarten. Learn more about Ms. Eads below.

Why I Became a Teacher

Teaching is my calling, and I have always had a love for children. I had wonderful teachers growing up and I wanted to be just like them. As I got older, I started babysitting, then in high school I started working at summer camps, and when I got to college, I worked in the child development lab on campus. Three weeks after graduation I had a kindergarten class of my own, and I have taught ever since. I love early childhood. They are like sponges and they learn so much. I also love teaching a child to read. Reading groups are one of my favorite times during my workday. I am so proud to say I am a teacher!

The Online School Experience at Oklahoma Connections Academy

There are so many reasons why I value being a teacher at Oklahoma Connections Academy. First, I appreciate my students and their families. In our environment, some may think that you can’t build the relationships like you do in a bricks-and-mortar [school], but that’s not true. I am always talking to my students and helping their Learning Coach teach them. My second reason is my co-workers. They help me every day with their advice, and through our meetings I feel part of a team. Also, I always look forward to our field trips! Finally, the flexibility online learning provides is beneficial to students and their families. Some students don’t do well in the mornings, so I will work with them in the afternoon. Some do better on the phone while others do better in my LiveLesson room. I love how we have options. We have the best leaders. They are here for our staff and Oklahoma Connections Academy families.

Parents as Learning Coaches play an active role in their student’s learning, but we will be with them every step of the way to make sure they are successful.

— Ms. Eads

My Interests

I have three sons who keep me very busy. My husband and I like to attend all of their sporting events and travel with the teams to tournaments. We are always on the go!