Tricia Hobson

Tricia Hobson

Middle School Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, Northeastern State University

Tricia Hobson is a seventh- and eighth-grade language arts teacher at Oklahoma Connections Academy. She began her teaching career in 1999. Learn more about Ms. Hobson below:

My Teaching Background and Experience

I became a teacher because I love reading and sharing my love for literature and all that it can teach us. I taught high school English for 14 years, including 9th, 11th, 12th, and AP Literature. I was at a different online school for three years, and this is my fourth year at Oklahoma Connections Academy.

The Online School Experience at Oklahoma Connections Academy

The thing I love most about teaching at Oklahoma Connections Academy is the students! I love it when they understand how we truly care about their learning and are doing well. Once students understand that, their whole attitude about school can change. They learn the importance of time management, motivation, communication, and organization.

Oklahoma Connections Academy offers students the opportunities to join clubs, attend field trips, meet with teachers in LiveLesson® sessions, and more. Students should never feel isolated or unsupported.

Hobbies and Interests

I love boating on the lake with the family.

I love it when [the students] understand how we truly care about their learning and are doing well.

— Ms. Hobson