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Jan Martin

Jan Martin

Jan Martin is an elementary school teacher at Oklahoma Connections Academy. She holds a master of education degree from Phillips University. She has been teaching since 1976 and joined OKCA in 2014. Ms. Martin shares her story below.

“I always wanted to be a teacher. I love helping students understand what they are learning. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing former students who tell you how much they enjoyed your classroom. I love seeing the light go on when they finally understand a certain subject. I retired, and now, I am back to teaching. I needed a change, and this was the perfect opportunity for me— I love every minute of it. I don't teach for the money; I teach because it’s what I love doing! Not many people can say they love getting up each morning and going to work. It is a wonderful feeling!

At OKCA, even though you don't see the students in person, you can tell they are learning by the sound of their voices. It is wonderful. I also love the faculty; the teachers are wonderful to work with. When I was a first-year online school teacher, I had lots of questions, but everyone was so helpful. When we all get together, we have a great time.

I feel that every student deserves a good education. Online school gives every student a safe place to learn. Some students cannot attend a bricks-and-mortar school, and for that reason, this is the perfect place to be. If a student starts having problems, we have counselors to help. The field trips are an added bonus and help us get to know everyone a little bit better. This is a perfect school for students to prepare themselves for a bright future.”

When she’s not teaching, Ms. Martin is a seamstress and loves all kinds of sewing, from handwork to machine embroidery. She also loves cooking with the vegetables from her garden and being outside.

This is a perfect school for students to prepare themselves for a bright future.
— Ms. Martin