Washington Connections Academy Online Students

Six smiling students against a blue sky

The teachers of Washington Connections Academy online school and the Learning Coach, typically a parent or other trusted adult who supports the student at home, are part of the three-prong educational team that works together to support the student’s education. At Washington Connections Academy virtual public school, we identify each student’s unique abilities and customize daily lessons to enhance the student’s strengths and improve weaker skills.

Students benefit from having a personalized learning plan that is based on his or her age and grade level, the teacher’s assessment of the student’s progress, and individual needs and abilities. This personalized plan can be adjusted throughout the school year to help ensure that your student continues to make progress.

As each student successfully reaches Washington Connections Academy online school milestones and advances to the next grade level, the role of the Learning Coach changes. In middle school and high school, the amount of hands-on time needed is lessened, and the student attains more independence and takes further responsibility for his or her public school education. In these higher grade levels, the Learning Coach is still involved but takes on more of an advisory role and holds the student accountable for doing schoolwork.

Each student has access to Washington Connections Academy school counselors. Conversations between the student and the counselor may help identify the student’s academic and career goals—and perhaps extracurricular activities, clubs, and outside field trips that will enhance personal growth. In later years, school counselors may suggest opportunities for community involvement that will augment coursework and provide practical real-world experience. And for high school students, school counselors offer advice and assistance for college and career planning.